EOM Ride Route Information & Disclaimer

EOM 2018 route files will be posted here for download by August 2018.

Western North Carolina caters to tourism so you will never be too far from civilization on any of the routes. It never hurts to plan ahead though so use the search funtion of the following Google Maps to locate stops for food, fuel and other point of interest.

All GPS routes were compiled with the Garmin Basecamp mapping program using a 2018 Garmin map. Routes on your GPS should be calculated with the user setting "fastest time". A GPS can have problems when a route begins and ends on the same road so some routes begin or end on a branch road. Though every effort was made to create accurate routes no claim is made to their validity. GPS routing is an inexact affair, maps contain errors and roads are subject to construction, closure and other problems.

Users of TomTom GPS or OpenStreetMap apps can use the free MyRoute-app (https://www.myrouteapp.com/), among others, to convert or display GPX route files to other formats.


Twisty Blast

You want curves, lots of curves and don't want to fuss around getting to them either. Gotcha covered. If you accidently get distracted to admire any of the beautiful scenery along the way and maybe slow down a bit - don't tell anyone.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway route begins at Cherokee and ends at the intersection of NC-80. Most people consider this the best section of the BRP. It includes the highest elevation of the BRP and access to the highest elevation east of the Mississippi at Mt Mitchell State Park. The return ride uses a nice sequence of mostly 2 lane curvy roads.

Deals Gap - The Dragon

If you're intent on riding the famous Dragon this route will get you there as quickly as possible. It's half slab but if you don't want delay this is it. The return route avoids slab and is all about riding other fun twisty roads.


The highlands are spectacular but the foothills also have their charms and often get short shrift. Here's a fun run around the foothills surrounding Hendersonville then over to Lake Lure village and a final return on the BRP.

Moonshiner 28

Legend says that highway 28 has history as a moonshine run with the revenuers in hot persuit. It's likely they had a good time because the twisties are epic on this classic motorcyce road. The route picks up 28 near Walahalla SC, takes in a small slice of GA then continues on to through NC until the end of 28 at Deals Gap, the base of The Dragon, TN-129. The route roads to and from 28 have plenty of fun going for them as well.

N Ga & Tn

This is a long route so make sure you've got a full day to enjoy it. North Georgia has plenty of curvy, fun roads and here are a few of them. After Georgia roads the route heads north to take in Tennessee's Cherolaha Skyway before returning to Maggie Valley.

Roan Mt

The Roan Mt route includes many fun NC/TN roads and features a ride up to scenic Roan Mt State Park. Roan Mt is one of the highest elevations in TN at over 6000 ft and has some of the best sweeper roads up and down the mountain you will ever encounter.

Smoky Mts - Cherohala

The roads through Great Smoky Mts National Park and along the Cherohala Skyway are two of the most scenic drives in NC and TN. They are also very popular with tourists, especially Smoky Mts Park. The route does that part 1st so try to roll out early to avoid traffic.

500 East

This is 500 miles of Iron Man twisties east of Maggie Valley through NC, TN and VA. The route includes well known runs like The Snake, NC-209, VA-16 plus many other challenges you probably never heard of. Any takers?

500 West

This is 500 miles of Iron Man twisties west of Maggie Valley through NC, SC, GA and TN with more challenging roads than you can shake a stick at. Go for it!